Our story, well my story. BuyMoreFilm started around 2015. I really love traveling and roaming around the world discovering new places. We own a VW Bus and try to go out as much as possible. Being outside and photographing is really fulfilling a desire from deep within. That is what I try to put into my images as well. I'm looking for cleaner images now, maybe simple but always trying to tell a story with my images. That is why im still shooting with analog cameras I just love the way that analog film looks. The whole proces from taking your time and developing the film yourself is just something you will not enjoy with a digital camera. I am collecting analog cameras and currently have more then 200 different types. This is the reason why I am selling a part of my collection (that is still growing haha).

I really hope you will find a great camera to add to your collection.
I will feel very honoured if you picked one of my analog cameras.
I really enjoy seeing my old cameras in your hands so don't be shy to share them with me in any way!

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